Dear colleagues and members of the European Association for Sociology of Sport,

On behalf of the EASS Board, it is my great pleasure to warmly invite you to participate in the EASS Conference in Madrid in June 4-7, 2024, with special themes on sport, democracy and inequality. This will be the 20th jubileum EASS Conference and the second time that Spain has hosted an EASS conference, after Cordoba in 2013. A range of universities and organisations have collaborated to make this a reality – among them Universidad Europea, Madrid Convention Bureau and GB Events.

The EASS2024 Conference presents a unique opportunity to share high quality sport sociological research from Europe and elsewhere around the world in order to enact our EASS vision, mission and values. We look forward to sharing fruitful academic discussions with scholars in the fields of social sciences of sport in exchanging data-driven insights to inspire new thinking on how citizens across the globe can move well and follow the ethics and good governance of responsibility and sustainability in the post-pandemic world. We also look forward to the wonderful hospitality of the local organisers and the Mediterranean spirit of early summer.

Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid in June 2024.

Hanna Vehmas

President of the EASS

As Rector of the Universidad Europea de Madrid, it is my pleasure to host the 20th Congress of the European Association for the Sociology of Sport.

This congress undoubtedly represents an opportunity to expand academic knowledge about sport as a social phenomenon and driver of development, as well as to collaborate in the dissemination of this knowledge in society.

For the Universidad Europea de Madrid it is also a unique opportunity to continue to develop its commitment to academic and research excellence and to provide support for social improvement and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals that are the strategic focus of our teaching and research missions.

Warm greetings to all participants and I hope you enjoy our university and your stay these days in Madrid.

Dr. Elena Gazapo
Rector of the Universidad Europea de Madrid

Dear participants,

As Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Health, and Sport at the Universidad Europea de Madrid, I am very pleased that our faculty has been honoured to host the 20th Congress of the European Association for the Sociology of Sport.

Sport is one of the central dimensions of our societies, and this faculty has for years honoured its enduring commitment to education and research in this field, both through leading and innovative programmes and meaningful and impactful research.

Therefore, it is a real honour and a pleasure to organise this conference in our faculty in order to further develop this commitment and advance the sport and its multiple roles in society.

Simone Sato
Dean of the Medicine, Health and Sport Faculty

Dear EASS members and Congress attendants,


As Chair of the Scientific Committee, I am extremely grateful that the EASS has chosen the Universidad Europea de Madrid as host of this year Congress. I’m also excited about the possibilities that this Congress will offer us to share our research and expand our knowledge and scientific networks.

I sincerely believe that the sociology of sport has a fundamental role in society to help understand sport’s place in society and expand and enrich social debates around it. Therefore, I’m sure this years Congress, as all past editions and the EASS labour through the years will be of great benefit for our academic community and society at large.


I also hope that you all will enjoy these days in Madrid and feel at home in our university.

Carlos García
Chair of the Scientific Committee

Dear Colleagues and Members of the EASS,


On behalf of the EASS Board and as the regional Conference-Organizer Events GB, I am pleased to invite you all to join the 20th European Conference for the Sociology of Sport (EASS 2024) which will take place on the 4th – 7th June 2024 in Madrid.

Supported by our partner Madrid Convention Bureau and the outstanding host University “Universidad Europea” this conference brings together scholars from all over the world to debate and share data-driven insights on the theme “Sport, Democracy Inequality and Beyond”.


The 20th jubeleum EASS Conference builds a unique platform to share the latest research in the field of sport sociology. European societies, organizations and individuals have all responded differently on challenges like the global pandemic, sedentary lifestyles, public physical and mental health issues… only to name a few. During this conference participants get the chance to talk about these important topics and to create concepts how our society can move on well following the ethics of sustainability and responsibility. We are looking forward to share high quality academic insights and to contribute in creating a larger international, scientific community.

I’m sure that it will be an amazing and enriching experience everyone!


I would like to thank EASS for the opportunity to host such an important event in our home city Madrid. Special thanks also to our sponsors, partners, collaborators, suppliers for all their support and for sharing the same vision.


See you in Madrid in June 2024!


Gerardo Bielons
Chair of the Conference
Director Events GB